Rules are Meant to be Broken

Published on:
August 17, 2020
Written by:
Sebastian Hallqvist

Have you ever stopped to wonder what that expression means?

Obviously rules are NOT meant to be broken. By most people.

But breaking the rules is required to be someone. Someone who makes a difference to everyone else.

Most people are status quo people.

Status quo people are similar to people who are possessed by an ideology.

They aren't really a person with their own opinions. They haven't done the work of contribution. They are a mouthpiece for a set of "rules" defined at some point or another by other people.

What people? The people who break the rules, of course.

Rulebreaking is a rebellion against the totalitarian structure of the world, the "deadness" of the way things have always been done.

If rules were not broken, there would be no progress. If rules were always broken, there would be no society.

To learn something, you add on, add on, add on. To master something, you strip away, strip away, strip away.

You learn the rules first, then you find your unique ways of breaking them.

Would a painter become famous by doing exactly what is taught at every art school around the world?

Rulebreaking is essential to creativity. It is the essence of the child-like state. The creative state.

A child constantly tests the limits around them. Sometimes the result is that they get burned. Most of the time though, nothing happens.

Occasionally, magic happens.

At some point, the magic created in the child-like state becomes stale. It becomes the way things are done. It becomes the status quo.

And then, there are new rules to break.