Green Lights by Mathew McConaughey

How highly I recommend:
Green Lights is a surprisingly deep and uplifting collection of life stories and lessons from a both objectively and subjectively successful person.
Published on:
December 27, 2020
Written by:
Sebastian Hallqvist

Without borders, there is no art. Only chaos.

The first step that leads to our identity is usually not “I know who I am” but, “I know who I’m not”. We should get rid of that which prevents us from being more of ourselves.

In the choice lies the freedom.

Knowing who you are is the base that everything else comes from. You know who you are when you become independent enough to believe your own thoughts, and become responsible for your actions. You not only believe what you want, but you live what you believe.

Live the questions first, then live what you believe.

All it takes to be successful is one in a row – over and over.

Sometimes the road less traveled is not the one with the least traffic.

The trick to running downhill is to not trip yourself.

The arrow doesn’t seek the target. The target draws the arrow.

It’s not all for nothing. It’s all for everything.

All art is self expression. All self expression is not art.

(About meeting his future wife for the first time):

She wasn’t innocent, but she wasn’t for rent either.