Your Music and People by Derek Sivers

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Here is a brief overview of Derek Sivers’s career and life: finished music school at Berkley in half the time, worked as a circus performer, worked as a musician in NYC, learned to code, built a company called CD-baby, made a fortune, gave it all away, spoke at TED three times in a year, published a book, moved from the US to New Zeeland (and many other places in between). Derek is one of the most original and free thinkers alive and my personal hero. This book is a reflection of his originality. It’s like a practical how-to version of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. It is written for musicians but designed to translate to any business.
Published on:
October 13, 2020
Written by:
Sebastian Hallqvist

Marketing is an extension of your art. How you frame your art determines how people see it, and can make all the difference.

If you haven’t broken any rules in your art or marketing, it won’t be successful. It will be dead.

"This is a test. This is only a test." It’s impossible to fail if your only objective is to see what will happen.

Restrictions are instructions. They set you free.

Write lyrics like you’re listening in on an intriguing phone call (this is what Keith Richards does).

Once people start wondering, they can’t stand not knowing.

Focus on others – see yourself from their point of view.

Being weird is considerate. Show who you are. Prove you are a real person.

Considerate communication is valuable and rare. What is the most succinct way you can say what you need to say? What channel do they prefer? Reach as many senses as you can. Write every email like it was from you to your best friend.

Proudly exclude people.

When things aren’t working, be smarter, not louder. When you don’t get a response, it’s because you don’t get it. You haven’t figured out the way in. Do your research.

Pedestals prevent friendships.

Your team and distribution will probably make all the difference.

You have to make your own success first, before you ask the industry for help.

Losing money doesn’t last. The better you are, the less you need the props.

Call the destination and ask for directions.

Extreme results require extreme actions. Find what you love and let it kill you.

Every deal that’s bad for someone is good for someone else. Find a way to be in the good side.

Speak to people in their language.

If you’re target is sharp enough, you will own your niche. People love those who hate the same thing as them. Well rounded doesn’t cut.

It’s easier to be honest behind a mask.

Because everyone is hyper connected, it’s more valuable to disconnect.

Everyone you’ve ever met has the potential to help you. The number of people you meet will determine your success. Everything happens in the follow up.

Many brilliant minds are asking the same question. Look for the answer in diverse places.

Norms are for businesses with no personality.

There are many people who want to pay. Let them.